List of Special Issues
All contributed special issues are dedicated to the subject of World Journal of Public Health. The motivation of those established special issues is to present the main aspects (past and present), latest developments, different viewpoints and the directions being followed in related fields.

Current Special Issue(s): 8

Nursing Management and Administration

(Lead Guest Editor: John Christian Villanueva )

Submission Deadline: Jun. 30, 2020

The Use of Policy to Combat Human Trafficking

(Lead Guest Editor: Cherise Charleswell )

Submission Deadline: Apr. 20, 2020

Lifestyle Diseases and Preventable Risk Factors: Multidimensional Approach

(Lead Guest Editor: Satwanti Kapoor )

Submission Deadline: Apr. 10, 2020

Physical Activity and Health in Children and Adolescents: Society, School and Family Roles

(Lead Guest Editor: Hamid Amini )

Submission Deadline: Feb. 10, 2020

Implementation of Effective Preventive Interventions to Reduce the Use of Licit Drugs

(Lead Guest Editor: Adaene Moura )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 15, 2020

Sexual Abuse, Gender Based Violence and Reproductive Health of Youth – Focus the World

(Lead Guest Editor: Tajudeen Rasheed )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 10, 2020

Health Dynamics

(Lead Guest Editor: Edna Anab )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 10, 2020

Women, Health and Sustainable Development in Under Developed Country

(Lead Guest Editor: Meless Siméon Akmel )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 10, 2020

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